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Subang Jaya (SJMC) has built a sterling reputation as an internationally recognized, award-winning medical centre in the region.  Over the last two decades, have made medical history with many achievements and milestones

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Ara Damansara Medical Centre (ADMC) is a 220-bed tertiary care hospital considered to be the state-of-the-art facility. Our commitment to helping our communities stay healthy and safe  goes far beyond our walls

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PMC continues the tradition of care that has been an integral part of our group of hospitals. We are committed to deliver quality patient care with good clinical outcomes

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Kuala Lumpur Hospital

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Blood Disease

Centre with well-known and experienced team of specialist doctors for blood (Hematologist) in helping Childrens and Adults patients in treating blood diseases like Leukimia, Lympoma, Thalassemia, and more. The reputation with a high success rate is recognized worldwide and has received numerous international awards.

Cancer Centre

The Centre with more than 30 years of experience in treating cancer patients. With a perfect combination of a team of senior oncology doctors, complete hospital facilities, latest equipment and tailor made methods of treatment that effectively renders as the best in Malaysia in the treatment of cancer in children and adults.

Spine and Joint

The centre is powered by a team of highly skilled specialists combining expertise, knowledge and resources to provide the best clinical outcomes for patients. With a dedicated team of doctors and medical professionals, the Spine & Joints centre employ modern techniques and technology to diagnose and treat spine and joint diseases.

Brain Centre

The Centre is supported by a team of dedicated experience doctors. It provide sophisticated technologies that enhance early diagnostic and treatment modalities in the management of stroke, brain tumors, epilepsy, headaches, migraine, sleep disorders, neuromuscular diseases, and other neurological disorders.

Heart Centre

The Centre was established to providing world class care, management and treatment of heart diseases in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Hospital. The heart Centre team is backed by years of successful clinical outcomes, through thousands of complex diagnostics and therapeutic cardiac cases. Will provide you an experience beyond medical and clinical care.

Health Screening Centre

Medical checkup with professional team, complete lab and advance technology. Just as you value lifestyle living, we recognize that you wish to sustain your health to enjoy your living. Make a small investment of your time to get yourself screened by our experts. Regular health screenings help to detect diseases early.

Rumah Sakit Malaysia

WHY Malaysia Hospital


Lebih Hemat

Biaya pengobatan di Rumah Sakit Malaysia relatif lebih terjangkau daripada negara lain



Sebagian besar dokter lulusan dari Eropa dan USA dengan di tunjang peralatan yang lengkap dan modern



Layanan kesehatan yang mengutamakan pasien. Dokter dan rumah sakit di awasi oleh pemerintah


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